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April 6th 2012

Fractal automata

I'd like to point out two very interesting discussion threads on fractalforums. Tom Lowe, already known for the 3d fractal "Mandelbox", had the idea to combine several layers of cellular automata of different sizes. Superimposed cells in different layers interact just as they are with their neighbours in the same layer. This allows to introduce large scale correlations into the system and produces very interesting visual results. This idea is strangely reminiscent of Jonathan McCabe's multiscale Turing patterns, already mentioned in this blog. The fractalforum thread is here, and below is a video displaying various automata rules:

Tom even made available for download a little program allowing you to explore these automatons.

Now it's becoming even more interesting when you do the same thing in 3d! Here are two pictures, found in this thread.

Digital image by Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe, Sponge (3d cellular automata), digital image.

Digital image by Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe, Crystal Rock (3d cellular automata), digital image.

It would be really cool if the number of cells could be increased enough so that the pixellisation disappears... but apparently it's difficult.

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