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May 2nd 2011

Dan Wills

Dan Wills is one of the pioneer of space filling fractal patterns. They (so to say) fill his blog Ultraiterator. Recently he implemented the ideas I presented in this blog post, and used them with a variety of space-filling fractals, with impressive results.

There are a lot of known escape-time fractal algorithms (the same type as the one drawing the Mandelbrot set) that turn out to be space filling in some regions of parameter space. They have been rather neglected until rather recently, maybe because it takes some skill to make the pattern visible. After a lot of images based on Ducks, I started exploring another type of space filling fractals, but this will be for another post.

In the mean time, enjoy Dan's fractals! The two pictures below would be darn impressive as zoomable images... at least be sure to click to see them at full resolution.

So much to explore, so little time...

Fractal art by Dan Wills

Dan Wills, digital image.

Fractal art by Dan Wills

Dan Wills, digital image.

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