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February 6th 2010

Dampened pattern decorations

Pattern piling requires a pattern covering the whole plane. One way to create such a pattern is to start from a tiling and decorate the tiles in some way. To this end, one can use any pattern (even bounded ones...). In case the pattern used for decoration is larger than the tile it should decorate, it would not be nice if it was cut at the edge of the tile. One can solve this problem by dampening it there.

Here is a typical example. The tiling is simply a regular square tiling. The pattern is a regular square tiling as well, but whose location/rotation/magnification is chosen randomly from tiles to tiles.

Example of dampened pattern decorations

Here is the same pattern after discretization.

Example of dampened pattern decorations

I created a series which gathers works using this technique. For instance, 20091010-1 is based on a square tiling whose tiles are decorated by Perlin noise. The dampening here is stronger than in the examples above, so that the decoration is confined in the central region of the tiles.

20091010-1, algorithmic artwork by Samuel Monnier


20090727-1 is the only image in the series that does not use the dampening of the decorations (here Truchet patterns) near the edges of the tiles.

20091010-1, algorithmic artwork by Samuel Monnier


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