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January 2nd 2010

Levente Peterffy

First, I made a Facebook page for this website, in case some people would find it more handy to stay informed about updates there. There has also been for some time a Twitter account.

Today I'm featuring a figurative digital painter, Levente Peterffy. As you may have noticed, I tend to like works offering lush details, as opposed to the minimalist trend which pervades a good part of art and design. One of the aims of this blog is to promote this type of aesthetic. That's why Peterffy's amazing work on textures fits well here. It has some impressionist spirit, yet the fine details are unlike anything you may see in an impressionist painting. The two low resolution images below do not allow to fully appreciate the textures and are only incentives to look at the full size pictures. Click on them!

Algorithmic work by Levente Peterffy

Levente Peterffy, Heart Of Darkness (2009), digital image.

The speed-paint technique he uses to create most of his works is quite surprizing. He doesn't start from a blank canvas, but rather from a digital photograph, that he twists randomly beyond recognition until he finds some inspiring shapes. Check these two videos on Vimeo.

Algorithmic work by Levente Peterffy

Levente Peterffy, Temple Entrance (2009), digital image.

Many more works are displayed on is deviantart account.

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