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The works on display on this website are available as fine art prints. They are printed with archival pigment inks on ultrasmooth cotton rag paper. The prints are issued either as unique prints or in limited edition of twenty prints, depending on the work. They are hand signed and numbered, and each of them comes with a certificate of authenticity containing all the relevant information about the print.

Selected prints can be seen at Galerie Les 3 Soleils, located in Epesse (VD), Switzerland.

Please contact the artist for pricing and more information.

Open edition prints

Selected older artworks are available as affordable open edition prints. These prints are not signed and do not come with a certificate of authenticity. They have a watermark with the name of the work and this website's url.

They can be purchased on Saatchi Online or Artflakes.

Livre - Mondes algorithmiques (2008)

Ce livre en français contient quelques explications sur les algorithmes utilisés et sur la démarche de l'artiste, ainsi que des reproductions en pleine page de 50 oeuvres. 47 d'entre elles sont accompagnées de vues de détail ou de panorama exclusifs. Les oeuvres reproduites dans ce livre sont répertoriées ici.

Il peut être commandé chez Lulu pour 30€. Un extrait du livre peut être consulté sur ce site.

21.6cm x 21.6cm, couverture souple, 119 pages.

This book (in French) contains some explanations about the algorithms used and the artist's commitment, as well as full-page reproductions of 50 works. 47 of them are displayed with exclusive extra views showing details or broader views. The works reproduced in this book are listed here.

It can be ordered on Lulu for 30€. A preview of the book is available there.

8.5'' x 8.5'', softcover, 119 pages.

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