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September 16th 2010

Book - Mondes algorithmiques

I finally decided to make available a book about my art. Actually I made it about two years ago. My mother opened an art gallery and I thought it was a good opportunity to do a bit of advertising. I was a little bit reluctant to offer it here because it's written in French. But after all there might be some french-speaking readers of this blog, and anyway the pictures are the most important part of the book.

In the first part, the algorithms I use are reviewed in terms hopefully not too discouraging for the average reader. This material can essentially be found in English in the information section of this website. In the second part, 47 works are reproduced on a full-page, with the opposite pages providing information about the works.

The book (8.5'' x 8.5'', softcover, 119 pages) can be ordered on Lulu for 35$. A preview is available there.

I hope to make another one in English with less text (as everything is already explained here) and more pictures.

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