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January 23rd 2010

Artificial diatoms

Mrkfolio created a program "simulating diatoms". I'm still not completely sure what this means, but a lot of details can be found on the aDiatomea website. Part of the simulation consists in building realistic 3d models of the diatoms. These are quite amazing and display beautiful details.

Artificial diatom by Mrkfolio

Mrkfolio, Individual diatom (2010), digital sculpture.

The diatomea models are constructed from Platonic solids, whoses faces are "extruded using sound". The 3d texture is then created using "shaders which are resolution-free fractals". I couldn't find details about what type of fractals are used.

Artificial diatoms by Mrkfolio

Mrkfolio, aDiatomea (2010), digital image.

Many more diatoms can be found in this flickr set. There are also some movies on Vimeo.

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