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January 17th 2010

Enumerating crosswords

Dave Bollinger enumerated crosswords which have order four dihedral symmetry (horizontal, vertical and diagonal mirrors). He didn't try to enumerate the ones which can actually be filled with words, but he applied some consistency criterions (for instance avoiding having too many long or short words) to reduce somewhat their number. More explanations here and here.

He arranged 900 of them in a lexicographical order in a square, what yields a nice emergent pattern. He also uploaded a high resolution image on Flickr, that I turned into a zoomable image on Seadragon.

Dave Bollinger, 900 super symmetric crossword grids (2009), digital image.

Crosswords aren't actually so different from Invaders. 20090823-1 and 20090504-1 are based on Invaders with order four dihedral symmetry (arranged randomly).

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