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January 15th 2010


I realized that there are a lot of artists that I like very much and that I didn't feature simply because I discovered them before I started this blog... One of them is Pasternak.

I enjoy especially his 3d works. He is using Xenodream, a 3d fractal generator. Xenodream can create amazing 3d fractal structures, but its rendering engine is absolutely awful (see for instance this official gallery). Pasternak renders the 3d models produced by Xenodream either in Blender or Modo, with breathtaking results.

He hasn't been very active recently, let's hope the inspiration will come back soon.

Digital image by Pasternak

Pasternak, 280609-II (2009), algorithmic digital sculpture.

Digital image by Pasternak

Pasternak, 300409 (2009), algorithmic digital sculpture.

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