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December 31st 2009

Jim Soliven

I discovered one more great algorithmic artist on Flickr: Jim Soliven (here is his Flickr account). First, a beautiful work based on Perlin noise:

Algorithmic work by Jim Soliven

Jim Soliven, FFields (2009), algorithmic digital image.

Then, check this blog post to learn how fighting particles can create interesting patterns. Basically, two teams of particles colored differently are released at some time. They look for a particle of the opposite team and follow it until they meet it. Once two particles of opposing teams meet, they "fight", and one of them is "killed" (ie. disappears), while the remaining one looks for another opponent. Unfortunately, this type of algorithm is not well suited for implementation in Ultra Fractal, whose algorithms should compute the color of each pixel of the final image independently (as explained here).

Algorithmic work by Jim Soliven

Jim Soliven, Radial Formation of Contention (2009), algorithmic digital image.

Happy new year!

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